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Featured Teachers in the UK....

Juliet Adams

Based in Cambridgeshire, UK 

Mindfulness trainer

Based in the UK, Juliet is trained to deliver MBCT and has demonstrated (via an assessment process) that she meets the UK Good Practice Guidance for Mindfulness-Based Teaches.  Juliets specialism is teaching mindfulness in the workplace. In collaboration with the Mindfulness Exchange she teaches the WorkplaceMT mindfulness curriculum - a 6 week MBCT based, evidence informed mindfulness programme specifically developed for the workplace. She also offers half day introductions to mindfulness at work and 1:1 coaching for Senior staff.

Juliet also contributed to the "Mindful Nation UK" report, a government policy recommendation document released in October 2015 in the UK Parliament, and serves as expert advisor to The Mindfulness Initiative, a UK think tank. She has authored three books on Mindfulness at work, and offers teaching and mentoring for mindfulness teachers

Phone 01223 929480 or email juliet@aheadforwork.com


Top mindfulness teacher AvinashDr. Avinash Bansode

Based in Scotland, UK

Mindfully being mindfulness trainingMindfullybeing

Mindfulness trainer

Based in the UK, Avinash teaches MBSR / MBCT from Scotland and in client premises in the UK. He has background in Medicine & over 20yrs experience. He has interest in mind-body medicine & holistic approach towards wellbeing. He integrates eastern meditative approach and western clinical training.

He holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Mindfulness Based Approaches from Bangor University, UK. He delivers MBSR/MBCT programmes for the public, corporate world and organisations including: Scottish Mental Health executive, NHS Scotland & Edinburgh University.

Brenda Bentley

Based in the Midlands, UK

Midlands Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness trainer


Brenda is certified to teach and deliver mindfulness based approaches to groups and individuals specializing in anxiety based concerns. She is a fully qualified therapist and has public liability insurance and has been in private practice helping clients for over 10 years.

Brenda meets the requirements of the Good Practice Guidance for Teaching Mindfulness-Based Courses published by the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree MSc in Mindfulness through the Aberdeen University.

Phone:   0794 880 1229  Email: info@midlandsmindfulness.com

Top mindfulness teacher CherylDr Cheryl Rezek  

Based in London, UK

Life happens mindfulness training

Mindfulness trainer

Dr Cheryl Rezek is based in the UK in Gerrards Cross, but trains all over the UK. 

Life Happens is a mindfulness-based model that is enhanced by the use of psychological concepts, viewing the individual within a context and developing resilience and resourcefulness.

It is taught internationally to individuals and in groups to the public, in health and mental health settings for staff, patients and carers, in personal development centres and in the workplace for all levels of staff.  It is a recognised programme (CPD approved) that is versatile and easily adapted to meet the needs of a wide audience ranging from those wanting to manage life in a different way to government level interventions.  

Phone 0771 2940651  or email enquiries@cherylrezek.com

Gary Hennessey


Mindfulness trainer

Gary is a co-founder of Breathworks, along with Vidyamala Burch and Sona Fricker. He has been instrumental in developing the Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress course that draws on the latest science and practice of mindfulness and compassion.

Gary has written 'The Art of Reflection' under the name Ratnaguna.

Gary trains internationally with Breathworks.

Contact Gary via phone: 0161 8341110 or email Gary@breathworks.co.uk

Helen Stephenson

Mindfulness MK

Mindfulness trainer

Helen Stephenson of mindfulness:mk holds a masters degree in teaching from the University of Hamburg and is a certified teacher and trainer in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to her work in this field. Helen has been practicing mindfulness and Yoga since 1979. She has studied mindfulness with Jon Kabit-Zinn founder of the renowned Stress Reduction Clinic and Centre for Mindfulness in America.

Helen offers a variety of mindfulness programmes in the Milton Keynes area including tasters, 8 week courses, short courses, and drop ins.

Contact Mindfulness MK via info@mindfulnessmk.com or Phone:  01908 538 191

Jerry  Fox

Exeter Devon MBCT

Jerry teaches mindfulness in Exeter and Devon. He is a qualified Psychological Therapist (PgDip), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies (University of Exeter).  He provides Mindfulness Based training programmes for employees and teams in the workplace (corporate and public sector).

Since 2010  he has been researching, developing and evaluating the clinical feasibility and acceptability of low-high intensity Mindfulness Based programmes for young people with depression and anxiety (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, NHS). The first pilot study of an MBCT programme for young people and parents/carers in Devon CAMHS was completed in 2012. He also teaches, when required, foundational mindfulness skills to participants of a Cancer support service.

Contact Jerry via phone: 07701059526   or email   jerryfoxmbct@gmail.com


Louise Jensen,

Based in Northamptonshire, UK

The Happy Starfish

Mindfulness trainer

Based in Northamptonshire, UK, Louise turned to Mindfulness after an accident left her with a disability, chronic pain and depression.

After having an established personal practice for 7 years Louise completed her teacher training with Shamash Alidina. Louise now teaches an 8 week MBCT programme specialising in Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Depression.

Louise also teaches one day workshops, retreats and coaches via Skype.

Phone 07812 108913  or email thehappystarfish@gmail.com


Mark Leonard top mindfulness teacherMark Leonard

Based in Oxford, UK

Mindfulness 4 Change

Mindfulness trainer

The Make a Change course is the product of four years of developing short mindfulness courses for the workplace and for the general public based on the book* 'Mindfulness, Finding Peace in a Frantic World'. Everything is explained in this course; what you are doing and why, so that you can understand what you are doing before you do it. The course has a short guided meditation each week for people living a busy life.

Mark Williams MBCT mindfulness teacherProfessor Mark Williams

Based in Oxford, UK

Oxford Mindfulness CentreOxford Centre for Mindfulness, Oxford University

Mindfulness trainer

Based in the UK, Professor Mark Williams and his team teach MBCT from Oxford and on client premises across the UK.  The Centre also run teacher training programmes. Mark is a world thought leader in the field of mindfulness, Director of Oxford Mindfulness Centre, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Oxford, and founder of the University of Wales Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice. 

Mark is the co-creator of mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT), and author of various books about MBCT and mindfulness.

Phone:  +44 (0)1865 613141  or email via website

Micharl Chaskalson, Mindfulness teacherMichael Chaskalson

Based in Cambridge, UK

Mindfulness works mindfulness trainingMindfulness works

Mindfulness trainer 

Based in the UK, Michael teaches MBSR from Cambridge and in client premises across the UK and Internationally.  He is the founder and Chief Executive of Mindfulness Works. He coaches senior people and teaches mindfulness in corporate settings.

The author of "The Mindful  Workplace", Michael is one of the world's foremost proponents of the use of mindfulness in workplace settings. He has a masters degree with distinction in the clinical applications of mindfulness and more than thirty-five years of personal practice of mindfulness and related disciplines.

Phone: +44 (0)1223 365057 or email info@mindfulness-works.com 

Dr Patrizia Collard Mindfulness teacherDr Patrizia Collard

Based in London, UK

Enter mindfulness mindfulness trainingEnter Mindfulness

 Mindfulness trainer

Based in the UK, Patrizia teaches MBCT from London.  Patrizia also runs teacher training programmes. She is a Senior Lecturer for Psychotherapy and Counselling at the University of East London, and a highly experienced mindfulness teacher/trainer. Patrizia is part of the  UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers Network, who set standards for mindfulness based teaching.

In 2009, she organised a ground breaking Neuroscience & Mindfulness conference in London.  She teaches clinicians, managers and leaders mindfulness techniques.

Phone: +44 (0)794 1544958 or email via website 

Per Norgen mindfulness teacherPer Norrgren

 Based in Bedford, UK

In Mindsight mindfulness teaching


 Mindfulness trainer

Per has studied, practised and facilitated mindfulness since 2009. He set up Mindfulness Meditation Bedford in 2012 to support his local community which is now established as the go-to place for learning and practising mindfulness in the area.

Per delivers the Bangor University approved 8-week MBSR programme locally and offers 1to1 coaching, weekend workshops and retreats to individuals, couples, teams and organisations throughout the UK.

Phone: +44 7425149972 or email per@inMindSight.co.uk 

Salma Darling, MA  DMP ADMPUK

Based in London & Brighton, UK

Mindfulness Consultancy

 Mindfulness trainer

Based in London & Brighton, UK, Salma teaches mindfulness in London, Brighton, California USA and internationally via Skype.  Salma trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) in the USA with Dr Bob Stahl, Saki Santorelli and Dr John Kabat-Zinn, the founder of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction. She has taught mindfulness alongside clinical practice as a body-oriented psychotherapist since 2002 and has taught in social services, hospitals, with non-profits and in the community in the UK and USA. 

She offers full 8 week MBSR and MBCT courses, 1:1 sessions, daylong training and retreats. View PDF flyer on MBSR courses

Phone: +44 (0)1273 966851 or or email via website    www.mindfulnessconsultancy.com

Shamash Alidina Mindfulness teacherShamash Alidina 

Based in London, UK

Learn Mindfulness mindfulness trainingLearn Mindfulness

Mindfulness trainer

Shamash is one of the UK's leading professional mindfulness teachers. He is international bestselling author of Mindfulness for Dummies and Relaxation for Dummies.

Shamash has been featured in numerous newspapers, magazines, television and radio shows all over the world.

Based in London, he runs workshops and trainings in the UK, but often teaches on the phone or via Skype, coaching people to live in the present moment in a calm and focused way, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and leading to greater health and wellbeing, as has been proven scientifically many times.

Sona Fricker


Mindfulness trainer

Sona is a co-founder of Breathworks, along with Vidyamala Burch and Gary Hennessey. He has practised mindfulness and compassion for 42 years and brings this wealth of experience to his work at Breathworks, offering mindfulness and compassion based approaches to people suffering from pain, stress and illness.

Sona trains internationally with Breathworks.

Contact Sona via phone: 0161 8341110 or email sona@breathworks.co.uk

Sue Weston Mindfulness teacher

Sue Weston

Based in South East Wales

Relaxing the mind

Mindfulness trainer

Relaxing The Mind is the initiative of Sue Weston offering mindfulness training through workshops and courses to groups, schools and businesses in South East Wales.  It also runs residential retreats in Monmouth and on Holy Isle, Scotland where Sue spent a year in retreat.

Sue, a qualified T'ai-Chi & Qigong instructor, is currently in the final year of the MSc in Mindfulness Studies with Aberdeen University and Samyé College. Her research is focused on the often ignored relationship between the body and the mind and the role of mindful movement in mindfulness training and practice. 

Contact Sue via phone: 07962 798779 or email taichi (@) sueweston.com

Vidyamala Burch


Mindfulness trainer

Vidyamala is a recognised international expert in mindfulness & compassion for health and well-being. She is co-founder of Breathworks, which arose out of her 27 year journey managing spinal pain with mindfulness & compassion. Breathworks has teachers in 15 countries and is a development of MBSR/CT, offering courses and teacher training.

Vidyamala has written two books 'Living Well with Pain and Illness' and 'Mindfulness for Health' (with Danny Penman - co author with Prof Mark Williams of 'Mindfulness')

Contact Vidyamala via phone: 0161 8341110 or email Vidyamala@breathworks.co.uk

uk mindfulness teacher

More teachers in the UK...... 

Annika  Wager

On the Mind

Based in Leeds, Annika offers mindfulness based courses incorporating MBSR training in group settings throughout the year and also offers individual 1 to 1 training. Her courses and individual sessions are held in professional surroundings in the Good Health Centre, Leeds.   Annika also offers mindfulness teaching via skype and home visits.Annika has trained with Bangor University, Breathworks and Integrated Mindfulness.

Website: http://onthemind.eu

Astrid Schroeder

Opening Minds

Based in the UK, Astrid has trained as an MBSR teacher with and is delivering MBSR courses under the supervision of the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice at the School of Psychology at Bangor University, and runs MBSR courses, mindfulness workshops and retreats for the general public in Mid-Wales, Powys, Shropshire & Herefordshire and organisations across the UK.

Website: http://www.opening-minds.co.uk

Christene Burgess

MBSR courses for groups or individuals and via distance learning. Private and corporate sector.  Trained extensively at Bangor University (on the ers course), with Jon Kabat-Zinn, and LMU.  Developing specialism in Nourishing Choices - Fulfilment from Inside Out. Freeing ourselves from compulsive everything.

Website: http://www.mindfulness-mbsr.com

Christine Dewar

Based in Fife, Christine teaches MBSR to individuals and groups. She has been practicing mindfulness for over 20 years, and is currently MSc in Mindfulness Studies at Aberdeen University.

Email: christinedewar112@btinternet.com    

Claire Byard  Loch Ness Mindfulness

Based In Scotland, Claire teaches Secular Mindfulness and is presently delivering Mindfulness to the Corporate, Public, and 3rd sector as well as in groups to the public; with Follow on Groups to ensure continuity and support after each course.

Website: http://lochnessmindfulness.wordpress.com/   

Deborah Williamson HPD DipCHyp

Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Mindfulness

Deborah offers mindfulness based introductory courses incorporating MBCT & MBSR based training in group settings throughout the year and as individual 1 to 1 therapy.

Her courses and individual sessions are held in professional surroundings in the Windmill Studio Centre, Ruislip, West  London . For those who cannot travel to Ruislip for whatever reason, Deborah offers courses and sessions over Skype which prove very effective.

Email: www.deborahwilliamson.co.uk



Based in SE London, Fateh is a Mindfulness/Esoteric meditation teacher, and a BACP accredited counsellor. He runs 1-2-1, drop in and 6 week courses.

Website: http://www.cityzen.org.uk

Jeannie Mackenzie

Everyday Mindfulness Scotland

Based in the west of Scotland, Bangor University and Breathworks trained, Jeannie adheres to the Good Practice Guidelines. She is registered with Be Mindful, and professionally supervised by Bangor University. She offers 8 week MBSR to groups, individuals, organisations. Courses are practical with no religious content. EMS is not for profit..

Website: http://www.everyday-mindfulness-scotland.co.uk

Dr Karen Neil


Karen has trained as a mindfulness teacher, to level 2 MBCT Teacher Development, with Dr Patrizia Collard. She teaches 8 week mindfulness programmes incorporating MBCT and MBSR both privately and in the workplace. She is a Pharmacist with a special interest in Mental Health and Public Health and co-author of the text book Disease Management.

Website: http://www.mindfulmedicine.co.uk 

Luka Hadrych

LV Counselling

Based in London, Luka offers individual Mindfulness-based therapy or coaching and Mindfulness (MBSR/MBCT) courses for individuals and groups from the wider community and in the NHS. Luka trained secular mindfulness with Mindfulness Association and British Isles DBT.

Website: http://www.lvcounselling.co.uk

Marianne Brady

Mindfulness West

Based in Stroud, Marianne trained with CMRP, Bangor, Breathing Space and Breathworks. She runs eight-week courses (MBCT/MBSR) in Stroud and Cheltenham,  coaches individuals 1-to-1 and visits teams at work. She has also completed the '.b' training for schools

Website: http://www.mindfulness-west.co

Martin Stepek

The Mindful Community

Weekly drop-in mindfulness class for general public. Free of charge, Tues 6.30-7.30pm. University of West of Scotland, Hamilton. Approved by NHS Lanarkshire
Trained 1998-2004 Tibetan Buddhist tradition.

Website: http://www.martinstepek.com

Nadine Andrews:   cultureprobe
  • MBSR 8 week course
  • Half day and full day courses for organisations and general public
  • 1 and 2 hour introductory workshops at conferences and other events
  • 1 hour drop-in classes in organisations
  • Nature-based mindfulness courses and workshops including residential

Teacher Training with Bangor University Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice.  Certified and accredited coach.

Website: http://cultureprobe.co.uk/

Michael Robbins

The Still Centre

Based in Crewe, Michael has practiced mindfulness since the 1980s.  He is currently studying for an MA in teaching Mindfulness-Based Approaches (MBCT and MBSR), and the Breathworks (TM) 'Living Well' Trainer programme.  He runs eight-week courses (MBCT) in Crewe and Individual Mindfulness-Based Self Discovery coaching sessions

Website: http://www.thestillcentre.com



Penny McCarthy

Severn Valley Mindfulness

Based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Penny offers MBSR for people coping with difficult circumstances - carers, long term pain & illness etc. She trained at the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice & Breathworks & is supervised by staff at CMRP.

Website: www.severnvalleymindfulness.org.uk

Sarah Wood


Sarah has a long-term mindfulness practice and teaches MBCT to individuals, groups and organisations. She apprenticed in Oxford and trained with Patrizia Collard in London. Sarah runs 8-week courses, retreats and evening follow-up sessions. She is a qualified counsellor and member of BACP.

Website: http://www.counsellingoxford.com

Suryacitta Malcom Smith

Mindfulness CIC

Although  based in Leicestershire, Suryacitta Malcolm Smith runs stress management events  nationwide. Suryacitta, one of the founders of Mindfulness CIC,  began practising mindfulness meditation in 1989. Mindfulness CIC offers a clinically proven Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programme, our MBSR course is CPD accredited.

Website:  http://www.mindfulnesscic.co.uk/

Terry Pilchick

Mindfulness West

Based in Stroud, Terry has practiced meditation and mindfulness since 1970. He trained in secular applications with CMRP, Bangor and with Breathworks. He runs eight-week courses (MBCT/MBSR) in Stroud and Cheltenham, coaches individuals 1-to-1 and teams at work.

Website: http://www.mindfulness-west.com    

Terence Handley MacMath

 St Albans Study Centre

Teaching in St Albans, Terence teaches 8 week MBSR courses, open to all (maximum 16 places), and refresher afternoons open to course 'graduates'. Terence Handley MacMath was trained by the Oxford Mindfulness Centre. For more information please contact the study centre.

Website: http://www.stalbanscathedral.org/education/study-centre/courses

Teresa Lewis

Lewis Psychology CIC

Based in Wolverhampton, Teresa is the founder and Director of Lewis Psychology,  and is a senior Accredited psychotherapist with the BACP. Teresa teaches an 8 week Mindfulness for Stress Course. Teresa trained with Breathworks who are participating members of the UK Network for Mindfulness Teacher Training Organisations.

Website: http://www.lewispsy.org.uk

Yasmin Holmes

Mindfulness Makes Sense

Based in Nottingham, Yasmin trained with Breathworks and specialises in teaching, coaching and researching mindfulness for stress, pain and illness, well-being, leadership, and performance improvement. She provides a tailored approach to client needs.

Website:  http://www.mindfulnessmakessense.com


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usa mindfulness trainersIn the USA

Featured Teachers in the USA....

Renee Mindfulness trainerRenée Burgard LCSW

USA: 541 Cowper Street, Suite C, Palo Alto, CA 9430

mindful Health mindfulness training

Mindfulness & Health

mindfulness training find out more

Renee teaches MBSR, MB:Emotions, MB-Therapy at a medical clinic (PAMF, Stanford); Business Leaders (ALF); Corp & NP staff  (Google, Apple, others); Students (Public/Private Schools); and Individuals. 

Her main teaching base is El Camino Hospital, Mt. View, CA.  She studied mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn & Saki Santorelli.  Renee specialises in anxiety and psychosomatic conditions.


Tom mindfulness teacher

Tom Clark

awaken your potential mindfulness trainingAWAKEN YOUR POTENTIAL

(the Bradford Clark Group)

mindfulness training find out more

Tom teaches an introduction to mindfulness; the mindful leader (MBL); mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR); mindfulness based cognitive therapy (MBCT); mindfulness based relationships (MBR); and mindfulness based parenting (MBP) to clients across the USA.

His client base includes individuals,corporate executives & organizations (public; private; not-for-profit),educational institutions, hospital & healthcare, physician & surgical practices, lawyer & legal practices

Tom can be contacted via email: tomclark.momentsofchoice@gmail.com 

or phone  USA 1-859-550-1655

usa mindfulness lessons

More teachers in the USA.....

Cindy Gittleman

Sunrise Mindfulnesss

Based in Greater Boston area, Massachusetts, Cindy Gittleman offers 8-week mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs and mindfulness practice workshops.  She trained and attended Teacher Development at the Center for Mindfulness, University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester, MA.

Website: http://www.sunrisemindfulness.co

Steve Flowers, MFT

Mindful Living Programs

MBSR teacher, mindfulness-based psychotherapist providing mindfulness accredited retreats for physicians and other medical and mental health professionals. Author of "The Mindful Path through Shyness" and "Living with Your Heart Wide Open." Trained with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Website: http://www.MindfulLivingPrograms.com

Susan Woods

Silver Birch Counseling and Psychotherapy

Susan is a Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist. She teaches MBSR and MBCT groups and is a MBSR certified teacher by the Centre for Mindfulness, Worcester, MA, USA. She also provides MBSR/MBCT supervision/consultation and has been leading professional MBSR and MBCT training programs.

Website: http://www.slwoods.com

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Mindfulness teachers elsewhere....

In Australia


Mellissa O'Brien


Melli O'Brien, aka Australia's "Mrs. Mindfulness," is an internationally accredited meditation and yoga teacher and an MTIA-trained mindfulness teacher. Known for her down-to-earth, engaging and authentic teaching, she has guided thousands of people through her popular retreats and courses.

Website: http://mrsmindfulness.com


 In Canada


Sung Yang

Learn Mindfulness

Based in Vancover, Sung Yang teaches mindfulness based on Satipattana. He specializes in teaching Mindfulness Level 1 to 4 to adults. Her has taught mindfulness to people from all walks of life, and has received trainings from Thich Nhat Hanh.

Website: http://www.LearnMindfulness.org

italy mindfulness trainingIn Italy


Pamela Powers: Potentiality.net
Pamela Powers is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist in private practice in Italy. She teaches foundation workshops in mindfulness 

visit mindfulness training

mexico mindfulness trainingIn Mexico


Eric mexico mindfulness trainer

Eric Lopez

REDEA mindfulness mexico training


Mindfulness trainer 

Based in Mexico, Eric teaches mindfulness interventions, mainly MBSR to general public and companies. He trained at The University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness, and also at UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center. He is also involved in research activities. 

Phone: +52 (55) 4333-2490   Email: eric.lopez@reducciondeestres.com

 In Spain


Bodhin Philip Woodward

Mindfulness in Spain

Mindfulness trainer

Bodhin has been practising Mindfulness daily since 1985. He has extensive experience of teaching Mindfulness Based Approaches (MBAs). Bodhin trained in MBCT in 2005, and meets the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Mindfulness-based Teacher Trainers.  He teaches Mindfulness in the 8 week format and also in a 6 day intense retreat format in his own retreat center in Spain, Solterreno.

He has taught the classic MBCT course more than 40 times during the last 7 years to several hundred pupils. Bodhin is currently undertaking further Mindfulness training with Breathworks; Living Well with Pain, Stress and Illness and Mindfulness for Stress.

Phone: (+34) 660 44 78 40    Website: http://solterreno.es/en  

Alejandra Sanchez Yague   Mindtraining

Alejandra teaches MBSR and Mindfulness  in Spain to coaches, psychologists, teacher, Health  professionals and students. Mindfulness is also taught in companies and in schools.

Alejandra trained in the University of Massachusetts with Saki Santorelli and Florence Meleo-Meyer, and is a certified professional co-active coach, NLP Practitioner and Gestalt Therapist.



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