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Over time, Mindfulnet aims to build up a comprehensive list of Mindfulness trainers, coaches and subject experts, to help Mindfulnet users locate a teacher that is right for them without having to trawl through a large volume of supplier websites.   We will be adding to this list on a regular basis.


Alphabetical listingUK Mindfulness teachers

* Breathworks (UKwide)  | Christene Burgess (London) | Christine Dewar (Scotland: Fife)Dr Cheryl Rezek (London) Evolving minds |  * Dr Patrizia Collard (London) | Insight for wellbeing | Living Mindfullly (Ireland:County Durham) | * MBCT (Oxford) | * Michael Chaskalson (Cambridge) | Mindful Health (Brighton) | Mindfulness Belfast | Mindfulness in Action | Mindfulness now (Scotland: Lockerbie) | * Mindfulness training (London) | Mindfulness West | Susannah Crump (NE England) | The still centre (Cheshire) | * University of Bangor centre for mindfulness |

USA Mindfulness teachers

Awareness & relaxation training (California) | Donald Fleck (New York) | Joshua O'Brien (Pennsylvania) | Micki Fine (Houston, Texas) | Richard Sears (Cincinnati, Ohio, USA) | The centre for contemplative mind in society (USA wide) | Steve Flowers (Chico, California)  | Susan Woods (Worcester, MA.) | * University of  Massachusetts centre for mindfulness

Rest of the world

Eric Lopez (Coyoacán) Mexixo | Potentiality.net: Italy


Mindfulnet recommends...
Juliet Adams, A Head for Work  Juliet specialises in mindfulness at work training.  In collaboration with Marina Grazier she has developed WorkplaceMT - an approach to teaching mindfulness specifically developed for the workplace. Juliet ensures that the most recent and robust research findings are built into her programmes to ensure understanding of, and ability to implement, these powerful techniques for leadership and productivity.

breathworksBreathworks   offer courses based around mindfulness. They currently run two courses: Living Well with Pain and Illness and Living Well with Stress. They also run their own accredited Breathworks Living Well Trainer Programme, and training for health professionals. Breathworks is a Community Interest Company, and all their profits are used to help people who suffer from pain and stress. 


Patrizia CollardDr. Patrizia Collard, Stressminus Dr Patrizia Collard offers Mindfulness Training in the UK and Austria. Dr Collard is a psychotherapist, trainer and coach who works with organizations, groups or individuals. She also lectures at the University of East London, where she recently organised and hosted an International Mindfulness conference that presented the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research findings, and best practice. Mindfulnet can personally recommend Dr Collards MBSR / MBCT Training


Oxford centre for mindfulnessMBCT University of Oxford Two of the founders of MBCT: Mark Williams and John Teasdale work for the Department of Psychiatry at Oxford University. The University offer Mindfulness Training for professionals.


Michael cMichael Chaskalson MBSR.co.uk Michael offers MBSR training to groups, organisations, coaches and clinicians. Based in Cambridge, Michael has a masters degree with distinction in the clinical applications of mindfulness and a thirty year personal practice of mindfulness and related disciplines. Mindfulnet can personally recommend Michael's Mindfulness for Coaches Training.

Mindfulness trainingMindfulness Training Ltd specialises in training for Mindfulness-based cognitive-behavioural approaches to mental health. Since 2008 we have been offering comprehensive, on-going, clinical training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and a teacher development programme in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). They are based in London near Camden Town on the Northern Line. Contact Henry Whitfield on  0800 849 6723 or  +44 (0)20 7183 2485

Bangor centre for mindfulnesUniversity of Bangor: Centre For Mindfulness Research And Practice The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice is committed to the promotion of wellbeing through the application of mindfulness-based approaches. This is achieved by teaching the general public, training professionals and researching the clinical applications of mindfulness.


UMASSUniversity of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program  Learn Mindfulness from the pioneers of MBSR: The Centre for Mindfulness Stress Reduction. The Stress Reduction Program, founded by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn in 1979, has taught more than 18,000 people how to use their innate resources and abilities to respond more effectively to stress, pain, and illness.


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 see things as they really aremore mindfulness teachers......

ukIn the UK:



Dr Cheryl Rezek.  Cheryl is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who has worked across various fields of mental health for many years. She has combined clinical and academic work and worked with individuals of all ages with a range of psychological difficulties. Cheryl teaches mindfulness (MBSR) for chronic pain, depression, stress, physical or emotional distress and general well-being, and is based in London. She can be contacted on:  0771 2940 651



Christene Burgess: mindfulness-mbsr.com Christene has practiced mindfulness since 1985. Her initiation and inspiration into meditation came earlier via an employer who assigned a room for meditation at their workplace. Christene attends courses, retreats, conferences to deepen her practice and knowledge, and is engaged in writing and research.  She offers  MBSR courses and bespoke workshops for corporate clients  She can be contacted on 0207 402 6711


Christine Dewar  has been teaching mindfulness within the format of Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR programme) for 4 years in Scotland. She has been a practitioner of mindfulness since 1985 and is also a therapist and school teacher  She is currently completing an MSc in Mindfulness Studies at Aberdeen University. She is delivering mindfulness programmes throughout Fife with a view to presenting this opportunity to GPs and pain management clinics withing the NHS.  01333 329826 christinedewar112@btinternet.com

Evolving Minds

Nick Kientsch: Nick has practiced mindfulness since 1990.  Over the last two years he has run meditation classes in London and continues to develop his teaching skills through training in MBCT. Nick works in London where he tutors individual clients and runs group workshops and 8 week courses for businesses and other organisations to reduce stress, improve team morale, aid personal development, decrease sick leave and increase productivity. For more details please visit the web site or call 07910 224 560

Insight for wellbeing   Zeenat Cameron runs teaching days and evening classes in mindfulness in West Yorkshire



Living Mindfully are a Community Interest Company set up to respond to the need for mindfulness coaching in a range of community settings. They work with individuals and groups interested in learning and practising mindfulness, and learning mindfulness-based strategies to respond to the demands and stresses of their personal and professional lives. Their clients are drawn from the public, private and voluntary sectors. Living Mindfully are currently undertaking a research project into the effectiveness and use of mindfulness in unemployment, and plan future research into the applications of mindfulness.




Mindful health.co.uk teach mindfulness in the UK.  Taravajra originally trained as a solicitor, and has taught mindfulness in many contexts since 1994. He has completed a postgraduate diploma in in Mindfulness based approaches in healthcare at Bangor University.  Karunavira worked for many years as a primary school teacher before becoming a full time teacher of yoga (Iyengar) and meditation. He has completed a postgraduate diploma in in Mindfulness based approaches in healthcare at Bangor University. Contact: taravajra@mindfulhealth.co.uk - mobile: 07985 314181 or karunavira@mindfulhealth.co.uk  


Mindfulness Belfast: Frank Lyddy and David Cameron teach mindfulness in Belfast, with regular drop in sessions.  Contact Frank: Phone: 07976 559958


Mindfulness in Action  

Mindfulness in Action offers MBSR courses over 8 evening or 4 afternoon sessions in Cardiff, Bristol and the surrounding area. They also offer 1-1 mindfulness training in Cardiff. and  bespoke workplace training courses for organisations across the UK.

email: info@mindfulnessinaction.co.uk  phone: 02920 229791


Mindfulness Now is an organisation set up by Sarah Lionheart and Sarah Talbot to promote the experience and understanding of Mindfulness and Compassion. They are both members of The Mindfulness Association, a group of like-minded practitioners whose training has been verified and whose aim is to bring the benefits of compassionate mindfulness to as many people as possible. Contact Sarah Lionheart www.heartandmind.org or Sarah Talbot www.counselling4u.plus.com  0777 202 4653

Mindfulness West

Based in Gloucestershire, and established by Terry Pilchick and Marianne Brady, Mindfulness-West offers courses, workshops and individual coaching in Mindfulness for stress and depression, as well as for enhanced creativity, professional effectiveness and wellbeing. Members of the Mindfulness-west team have trained with CMRP in Bangor, The Breathworks Foundation. They run courses in Stroud, Cheltenham and Bristol.  01453 883560

Susannah Crump teaches mindfulness-based approaches in north east England.  She trained through the Masters and Teacher development programmes at The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice, Bangor and engages in continuing development through the Centre. Since 2005 she has offered MBSR and MBCT for depression in community and healthcare settings. She also offers workshops and mentoring for therapists and others developing mindfulness in their work and life. Susannah can be contacted via email or phone: susannah.crump@wildlight.co.uk mobile 07914025415


The Still Centre is based in Cheshire and offers a variety of mindfulness courses.  Teachers include Michael Robbins, Michael Homfray, Jo Bentley, Janet Bloor & Caralyn Duignan


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usaIn the USA


Awareness and relaxation training  Awareness and Relaxation Training (A.R.T.) is an independent, educationally-oriented organization that contracts Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programs in medical settings, schools, corporations, and other sectors that was founded by Bob Stahl, Ph.D. in 1991.


Donald Fleck offers 8 week Mindfulness courses in New York.  Donald trained with  Zindel Segal, and has taught a workshop on Mindfulness in Psychotherapy for the National Association of Social Workers in New York City.  He also integrates mindfulness into Psychotheraphy. Phone 917 202-5148 or email info@DonaldFleck.com

Joshua O'Brien offers mindfulness training in central Pennsylvania.  He is the principal of Meditation Science, and the founder of the Mindfulness Community of Central Pennsylvania. Certified in Healing Meditation and Stress Reduction, he has practiced a variety of meditation techniques in his own life for 15 years. His passion lies in promoting personal growth, transformation, and inner-health.


Micki Fine: Living Mindfully.  Micki is a certified mindfulness teacher and founder of Mindful Living in Houston, Texas.  Micki has been teaching the MBSR course for over 20 years.  In addition, she is in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of depression, substance abuse, anxiety and chronic pain.  She has trained/ taught with the Jung Centre, University of Texas School of Nursing, and co-taught  MBCT with Zindel Segal 


Richard Sears is working  with colleagues to start a Society for Clinical Mindfulness & Meditation www.clinical-mindfulness.org .  He alsos runs a mindfulness groups in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - his website is www.psych-insights.com.



The centre for contemplative mind in society  has Programs  dealing with mindfulness and other contemplative practices in higher education, business, law, and social justice.


Steve Flowers: Mindful Living Programmes Steve is the director of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Clinic at the Enloe Medical Center in Chico, California. Steve has been teaching MBSR courses for over 11 years. In addition, he is in private practice as a licensed psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of stress related conditions. Steve Flowers, along with Bob Stahl, Ph.D., is the co-director of Mindful Living Programs, an organization providing fully accredited mindfulness Retreats for health professionals. Steve is the author of The Mindful Path through Shyness. 


Susan Woods  has taught with Zindel Segal for the past 5 years at the Omega Institute the 5 day MBCT foundation training. she also teaches the advanced MBCT-TTI (MBCT Teacher Training Intensive) as well as other MBCT training formats. She is a certified MBSR teacher and has taught at the Centre for mindfulness,Worcester, MA.

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In Italy

Pamela Powers: Potentiality.net
Pamela Powers is a mindfulness-based psychotherapist in private practice in Italy. She teaches foundation workshops in mindfulness 

mexicoIn Mexico

Eric Lopez teaches mindfulness (MBSR) in Mexico.  He trained at The University of Massachusetts, Center for Mindfulness.


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